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XXIV. Winter Olympics - Beijing 2022

A dream came true.

With my nomination for the XXIV. Olympic Winter Games in Beijing 2022 a childhood dream came true. The excitement was enormous despite the pandemic related circumstances. Finally I would be sleeping in the olympic village and absorb the special flair of these games from an athlete perspective.

Besides the general joy, the nervousness increased towards my first start just next to the olympic rings. The race courses as well as the weather conditions on site were very demanding. To my satisfaction I was able to finish my single races with ice cold hands but also great results. After a 17th rank in skiathlon I could confirm my good shape with a 11th finish in the sprint race.

These results secured me a place in the womens relay. It was a great honor to represent Germany in this prestigious competition. My collagues delivered to the fullest and sent me as final starter on the last laps on position 1. Nobody would have dreamt of that, it was simply fantastic. But the weight on my shoulders was enormous to finish the race with a good result and reward all of us.

Finally securing the Silver Medal for the team exceeded all childhood dreams! A finish, a competition, a day and all above a trip with the girls team that I will never forget.

I will draw on this experience until the next Olympic Winter Games and motivate myself day in day out to deliver the best I can.

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